Jeff Dugan

Born in Pittsburgh, PA USA 1964

1988-1990 Pittsburgh Technical Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

2010-2012 New York Institute of Photography, New York, NY



My name is Jeff Dugan and I'm a photographer based near Charlotte, NC. My work is centered around commercial, editorial, and landscape photography.


Since childhood, I have been enamored with all things visual. Early interests included art, graphic design, and technical drawing. I began my pursuits in photography about 20 years ago.


I have had previous careers as both a Residential Architectural designer, and graphic artist. Today, photography charts my course.


Being fortunate enough in life to pursue a craft that one loves is a true gift. I am most thankful for the opportunity.


I enjoy engaging with other entrepreneurial minded businesses and creatives in pursuit of visually conveying whatever message that needs to be delivered. I am open minded and interested in exploring new ideas. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or if I can be a service to your business or creative ideas.